Ten Years: My joy, my honor, my privilege.

Sarah and Clayton are the first couple I married back in October 2007 in a beautiful gazebo at the Ballston Spa Country Club.  Just look at the joy on their faces!

I’ve been incredibly fortunate to marry couples from all corners of the USA, and even from countries abroad.  From intimate elopements to the grandest, most opulent formal events, every wedding ceremony is unique, special and wonderful.  Truly, they are. Regardless of where it takes place or how much money was spent, the common denominator is the two people standing with me, declaring their love and loyalty.  

I still get goosebumps when I say, “I now pronounce you…”  Sometimes I tear up.  I just love sending the newlyweds down the aisle while family and guests cheer.  I find myself smiling broadly as I follow the wedding party and both sets of parents.  You’d think that I was the one who’d just gotten married!

When I became a minister, my calling was to bless and help people in need.  And I do.  I help people get married.

The first ten years have been more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.  I expect that the next ten will be even more so.


Photo credit:  Stefanie Glass

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