Worth It: Videography

Many couples ask me about the pros and cons of hiring a videographer, mostly because it’s an expense that could tax an already-stretched wedding budget.  I give a big thumbs-up to making this vendor a member of your wedding professional team.

Ask your friends, family and co-workers whether they had a videographer. Chances are the ones that did are so glad they made the decision, and those that didn’t wish they had.

There are some things a photographer just can’t capture. The squeals of joy when you do a first look with your bridesmaids. The break in your fiancé’s voice as he reads his vows to you. Your ailing grandmother who gets up from her wheelchair to do a little dance at the reception.

Find a way to afford a videographer: Trim your flower expense allotment, forgo giving out favors or (dare I say it?) have a cash bar rather than an open one.

Flowers will wilt and die, favors will get left behind on your tables, and a cash bar will still provide refreshments for your guests.  Priceless, real-time moments from your Big Day, however, will last forever.

As a money-saving tip, hire your videographer for only part of your day, such as after you’re dressed until you’ve cut the cake (which can be done before dinner, by the way). Speak with several videographers and ask about partial-day discounts.

Brian Moak did an amazing job of capturing the essence, emotion and energy of our wedding day. (That’s Brian above, filming my wedding in stealth mode.) Having him there is a decision I’m so glad I made because the professional, journalistic-style video we have is a wonderful memento of one of the best days of our lives.

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