Worth It: Rehearsals

The purpose of a rehearsal is quite simple, really:  Everyone will learn

  • how and where to line up
  • where to stand during the ceremony
  • where to go after the ceremony is over.

Aside from everyone looking great, jitters fly out the window. When everyone knows what they’re doing, there’s no reason to be nervous.

Most venue banquet managers or Day-of-Coordinators (DOC’s) run wedding rehearsals.  (Clergy handle rehearsals if you’re being married in a house of worship.) If everyone who’s part of the processional and recessional arrives for the rehearsal on time, it should take no more than 15-20 minutes…and that’s doing the run-through twice.

You won’t need to memorize anything. The DOC or banquet manager will be on hand on the day of to line you up, and your officiant will guide you through your ceremony and hand you off back in the capable hands of the DOC as you walk back up the aisle.

I’ve heard that some venues charge an extra fee to have a rehearsal, but believe me, it’s worth the money for the piece of mind that everyone has an idea of how things will run on your Big Day.

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